These days I find myself surrounded by dog lovers. Lotsa friends are screaming the war-cry PFA (People for Animals).Not that I have anything against them. But curiously, I had a history of ‘dog phobia’ as a kid.

 I must have been six or seven years old then. I remember that day when the twin chechis in my neighbourhood house came to pick me up, to play at their home. Those days, there were three ferocious looking Alsatian dogs in their house, which as far as I can remember always used to remain caged… The moment I entered the gate , one massive dog came pouncing upon me. I froze for few seconds…. Then my childish instincts told me “run”. And run I did, for my dear life. Soon the second dog also followed the wild chase. I was screaming and running … I remember vividly that I ran & almost reached their backyard. From the opposite end I could see the third dog closing in on me. Amidst all the pandemonium , I fell down ….I scraped my arms and knees.. The rest of the story I can’t remember. I remember only a tiger-look-alike-dog’s tongue wagging close to my face.. Thankfully, uncle (the twin’s father)came as my rescue ranger and somehow managed to control those terrible beasts…

Later, for months I used to have night mares about large dogs chasing me & tearing me apart. I used to wake up in the middle of the night all scared. I even used to be afraid to go to school , since on the way to bus stop there were many street dogs…I developed a perennial fear of dogs. Later I started to make a conscious effort to get rid of the phobia.. Gradually as I grew up, the fear faded away.. I am in perfect harmony with street dogs now. As for the pet ones, I like to admire them preferably from a distance and might even venture to stroke their silky smooth hair. But the moment they try to be friendly , climb all over me and decide to give me a face wash with their loving tongue, I will die of heart attack!!!!

There is this colleague of mine with whom I was discussing about my weekend trip to home..
He: I wish my home was close by..
Me: missing mummy..huh?
He: hmm..I miss my baby!!!
Me: eh? oh..i didn’t knew you were married **evil grin**
He: my baby is my Labrador Leo… He even sleeps with me on my bed…
Me: I see.. So the baby is your cute little puppy
He: baby is just 12 yrs old
Me: duh!!!

I have this buddy of mine who is into the business of exporting injured little street puppies from Bangalore to Kerala..hehee.. The brave heroine once rescued a hairless, half-eared little puppy from the streets of Bangalore . She christened him as Chesko & they were happily living together ever after until that fatal day when her evil landlady found him out & screamed, “Either you are out or that hairless creature!!!” .So after much thought, a clever plan was devised to smuggle Chesko from Bangalore to her home in Cochin. Chesko was sedated with a pack of sleeping pills. Then he was carefully packed up in a box with lotsa holes to breathe in ..Thus the heroine boarded the bus “Kallada Travels” to Kerala. Everything went on peacefully till midnight until Chesko woke up & decided he had enough of the caged life. He started whining & fidgeting around… The heroine thought Chesko was suffocating & opened the cover a wee bit so that Chesko can breathe better.. And out jumped smart Chesko!!! Happy at the new found freedom, he gave loud barks & started running in between the seats. Imagine the surprise on fellow passengers’s face …And the funny story ended with the heroine having to pay fine to “kallada travels” for illegally smuggling dogs to Kerala & spoiling their carpet by having the dog pee on it!!!! :)

And there is this bloggie dude who is clicking away to glory his doggie Sparky's pics.I saw a heap of them in his flicker album...