I got interested in a brand new hobby. It’s glass painting. This thing really got into my veins, when I chanced upon the beautiful Fevicryl Hobby Kit, all set to deceive the eyes of the beholder. My creative juices at once sprung into action. And there I was toiling through the weekend upon a broken piece of glass, unearthed from the attic , amidst an extended family of cockroaches & spiders.So with much effort , finally I finished my masterpiece horse(???) Though at the end, my clothes looked like the aftermath of a vibrant “ holi” celebration, the ‘masterpiece horse’ I believe can be called a decent creation . So it is now all set to be framed and hung to fame. Now I can’t wait to try out the other Fevicryl Hobby Kits . ha ha… I can hear a heave of sigh escaping from my friends….

 Many hobbies have entered gallantly & gone silently out of my life. At the budding stage, I will plunge head down into it & work till I drop.Gradually the interest will wane & it wont be long before the wonderful hobbies find themselves transferred to the museum, which is the attic in my home.

The ‘ feather collection ’ was introduced into my life , when I was 9. The mania started when me & my childhood buddy Sharon got hold of a couple of feathers of a poor,dead kingfisher. From then on, my evil eyes were always on the poor little birds, wishing it were dead ; so that it’s bright plumage will add another feather to my cap.When you really look out for something, you get it!!! I used to find numerous feathers from the courtyard, paddy fields, inside shrubs & bushes and some were even sneaked out of the bird’s own nest.I even remember chasing the poor ducks, in hope that the startled & alarmed creature will shed a few of it’s feathers , while fleeing for it’s dear life. i am really glad, there were no bird flus to scare me back then. Thus I had a large, unruly ,colourful collection of feathers of sparrows, woodpeckers, parrots, mynahs, bulbuls……etc.

The hobby lasted a long five years, & alas met an untimely ,early demise at the hands of my father . It so happened that, as time passed, insects & silverfish found out that my precious feathers were so tasty & started devouring it. One fine morning , my father found this out and my hardwork of five years flew out of the window, down to the foot of a coconut tree. There it breathed its last silent breath!!! I never forgave my father for this act of cruelty, which shattered my young budding heart!!!

I had many other countless hobbies. I'm sure ,anyone reading this wont last through another dose of my mindless hobbies. So I will blog it another time.