So it has been exactly 1 month since I shifted to a new accomodation. It is a comfy place 5 minutes away from my office & most importantly near to the so-called-happening place in Bangalore - The Forum .Apart from that, it is the most boring-to-death place you can ever find. I live in that hole all alone.

Before I shifted, I was convinced that I am going to die of loneliness there. How can I survive there ,after having lived in an ear splitting ,high decibel environment of Ladies Hostel.On the first day, I was experiencing a feeling of "suddenly single" .I was convinced I am going to turn into a human island...Three days later, I was relaxing in my room listening to Radio Mirchi and reading my favorite novels. Nobody to disturb the peace. I have the whole room to myself. I can throw my whole stuff around- books,clothes & still get away with it .I can listen to music & dance(secretly of course) all the way around in the privacy of my room.(ya..burning the dance floor)I can lie down in my bed , hearing the rhythm of music, stare at the star studded skies through the window & drift in my flyaway thoughts.This's quite blissful.

Two week later, I was tired of this routine. Suddenly,the silence is deafening.I crave for another human presence.Or should I think of getting married ?? heheee.. I took my cell phone & started calling my friends in the list. Afterwards,I felt slightly better. Within the next 3 days,I have exhausted my whole currency & decided I have had enough.

The whole scenario changed last weekend.Finally a new gal came to my room : a student & a friendly looking gal. Appearances can be deceptive, I warned myself. I was indeed ecstaic, but outwardly kept a straight face. She introduced herself as S . Then she looked at me slyly "Hope you wont be offended by my preferences. I wear minimal clothes". Interesting indeed!!!I refrained myself from commenting.

Some time went by peacefully.I went as usual to my FM world. Then she dropped the next bomb
S: "Do you think there are gals in this PG who flicks stuff??"
me: eh??? not that I know of....
S: I have 3 lakhs bucks with me !!!

I looked passive.Did I mishear?? Then she repeated proudly, "I have 3 lakhs bucks with me". My thoughts were racing. 3 lakhs with a student??hmmm..Finally,I concluded her father must be into smuggling. And why the hell is she telling all this to me. With a sinking feeling, I thought of the consequences lest she loses her bucks. As her sole roommate, all suspicions will be directed at me.I looked at her as if I am hearing the most natural thing in the world, "Better take care of your stuff"

I have been waiting for a roomy all this while & now a smuggler lady has sailed in. I mentally cursed all my karma for this . I decided to ignore her and go my own way before she tries to disclose more about her possessions to me. That night went rather peacefully, while she slept like an angel with the loud, blaring hiphop music ON on her tape recorder.Since I am the kind of gal who continues to sleep, even if a tsunami rages in & swallows up the whole Bangalore, it is not a matter of much thought.

Next morning, by the time I got up, she was all ready to go out. Before she sailed out of the room, she announced , "I just left my ipod nano in your cupboard. Hope you don't mind"
I screamed, "Whaaaaaaaaat??????" But she was already gone.Ayyyo...Now the burden of 3 lakhs ,an iPod & the antics of a minimally dressed devil is on me.

By the time I came back in the evening, she told, "Bad news for you"... My heart skipped many beats.My stomach made a somersault. Then to my utter relief, she muttered "I am leaving the place. I am moving in with a friend"

I simply love being alone. By the way, ever heard of cases where people die of claustrophobia ????