So I’m back after a luxurious 5 days at home. Nowadays, five days have become an extravagance, which I can’t afford. Sigh!!! And I feel nostalgic about those long lost college days, when mass bunking was considered to be our birth-right.

Five days went much faster than a supersonic jet . But I did have an effervescent time when I met up with my high school dude , after long years. Felt I last met her in some prehistoric stone age in another world. We both were very excited, swapping news , catching up on each other & having a real tête-à-tête talk

We unearthed many of my old albums & autographs from the cupboard. How good it felt flipping through those old class photos. Some were real funny….

One of my kinder garden snaps showed me , with a wide opened mouth curled in a perfect `O' . During that day, I was down with fever & was not supposed to attend school. But I threw a big tantrum at home, screaming “I wanna be there in my class photo” . At last my parents relented. And there I was sitting quite pretty with a red bow , ready for the click. And it was that exact moment, an irritating cough decided to take a toll on me . I tried to control myself. But the itching cough grew unbearable & I finally let out a long “ coooough couuuugh ”… The camera flashed & it was caught forever. When the snap came out, there was a red faced embarrassed me, fuming at those telltale kids who giggled and proclaimed it was a perfect yawn.

Then there was another toothless smile photo of a 7 year old.. Hmm sort of cute.. And one cute guy was standing next to me :-)

And the school autograph was filled with some hilarious stuff
One went on “I still remember the big fight we had in 5th standard that day that year”Eh?
Another one ended “ mashi theeraraayi..nirthatte”(let me stop now.. ink is going to finish)
Another gal scribbled “ dated till I marry Afridi ” I guess, some die-hard Pak cricket fan!!!