Today morning I was dashing out of the Cafeteria at office, after grabbing a quick breakfast. I was late and was hurrying out, when somebody called out,  "Madam, Good morning". I turned back  and saw the familiar face of the Security guy. "Did you have breakfast?", he asked. It dawned on me that I had not seen him for a while. Since last month, it was different Security guy at the Cafeteria. Otherwise, everyday, I used to exchange greetings and chit-chat with him. He is an old guy with a kind looking face..

"I haven't seen  you since a month.."
"Oh..I was at hometown.."
"Where's your hometown??"
"I am basically from Madurai..And it was my daughter's wedding"
"Good.. So how is your daughter ???"

And his reply left me spellbound for a few seconds..
"She works in IBM. She has done her BE in Computer Science. And my son-in-law is MSc in IT. He works here in Bagmane Techpark."

I was awed. After a few spellbound seconds, I regained my composure and replied, "That's wonderful". I felt a swell of pride, proud of these people who have worked hard and build their own destiny. I felt proud for him, proud that his daughter is so well educated and well employed.. I felt happy for him..And this Security guy still works, earns his own living and stands proud, though he could easily have left his job.. I am awed!!!!!