Phew...I need a break. Wish I could sit back, relax , reflect & dream…. Even the weekends had been quite busy these days. I had been literally banging my head on impossible ‘deadlines’ since last 1 month. Everyday I come back late at night, eat & hit the bed. After a long, I had a relaxing day today. So might as well utilize it before I get assigned with my next work. And as my friend tells, “You have completed disappeared from e-world.” Hmmmph!!! No orkutting, mailing, blogging indeed. It seems like I have gone back to Stone Age communication. Am out of contact with my friends :( woaaaaaaaaa…

  I am desperately waiting for the project tapeout in December. Have a list of  stuff I wanna do after that. Joining salsa classes & charcoal painting sessions hits the top list. I was at office on Saturday & contrary to the usual, I finished my tasks much earlier than the deadline. Was so happy that I could relax on Sunday. And I celebrated this by going out & having a ‘big dinner’. And relax I did the next day being down with ‘food poisoning’ & a resulting foul mood :) After popping a few pills, felt enough energized by evening to go out to Forum mall with my roomie. Met a few friends there & proceeded to have a strictly vegetarian dinner at Transit. When we finished & came out of the restaurant, it was almost 10 pm..

Roomie: I’m dying to watch ‘Jab We Met’. And all because of your
dumb work, we were not able to watch it this weekend
me: hmmmph…!!!
Roomie: why don’t we book it for next weekend????
me: hmmm…
Roomie: what ‘hmmm’?????
me: I cant wait till next weekend!!!!

We were standing in the queue at Cinema Europa to book tickets for the coming weekend.The movie availability status kept flashing in front of the counter…And there it was blinking right in front of us “Jab We Met - tonight 10 pm show available”

I looked at her…Hurrrayyy…It was 2 minutes to 10 pm.

“Let’z gooooo” , I screamed.
“Yeahhhhhhhhhh”, she screamed back
“My goodness!!! It gets over at midnight 1 am. How will we get back home????”
“Does it really matter???” came the crazy reply
“Not really!!!”, I was equally crazy…
“We will get prepaid autos down forum”

Yeahhhh.And we rushed to get the tickets and raced to the movie hall. We were lucky that the movie had not started yet. I looked around to see the crowd. Most of them were families. And right in front of us was another girl’s gang, just like us..Crazy girls..Crazy Bangalore!!! Hurrayyy!!!!

I must say say, the movie was worth the risk. Though not a big time fan of Kareena, I found her acting really good in this movie. And Shahid too is looking all cutey cutey.

The prepaid counter was opened but the guy refused to issue the tickets.. Since we girlz didn't want a street-fight at midnight 1 am, we found an autowalla who took us for the 1 km joy-ride back home for 50 bucks!!! That was indeed a crazy Sunday…