Yesterday I woke up to the voice of my roomie, “Today is not Sunday. Wake upppp...It’s already 9’o clock.” I could hardly open my eyes & felt too tired. So I decided to pamper and lavish myself with a corporate extravagance termed as ‘sick leave’. I quickly sent sms to my colleague & went back to catch up my beauty sleep.

I woke up around 11.30 & quickly made myself some elaichi tea & omelet. I had a quick brunch and was relaxing in my bed watching tv, when the door bell rang. I and another girl N were the only ones in my PG .We are around 10 girls staying in our apartment on the 3rd floor. All the other girls had long back left for work.

I wondered who might be at the door, at this time of the day, when usually nobody will be around at home. I assumed it might be the lady who comes everyday to collect the garbage. Feeling too lazy I didn’t bother to get up from my bed. I heard N answering the door & talking to somebody. After few minutes, the bell rang again, and this time a long ring. I got out of my room & found N lingering around the door. She looked tensed.

Me: What happened? Who’s there at the door?
N: (in whispers) There are two guys at the door. They were asking for S. I told them S is not here.(S is another girl in our PG) Then they called somebody on the phone & told, “Sir, she is not here. And even her cell phone is switched off. What should we do now?”
Me: (all suspicious) do they look troublesome???
N : (in a dramatic gesture) They look like some gundas..Big & gruff-looking men
Me : uh-ohhh
N: And later they changed their tactics. They told she has some courier. But they were no papers in their hand..
Me: If they are really courier people why do they ring the bell again & again... Let’s lock the front door properly.

Immediately N went inside and got the key. We locked the door and secured the latch. Then we tip-toed into the kitchen & peered through the window curtains. They were two bulky men. One in red t-shirt & another one in a check shirt…They surely looked a bit too aggressive and resembled those villains in suspense thriller movies.I remembered the previous night, while I was walking across S’s room. I sensed cigarette smell. She never used to smoke inside the room. And I made a mental note that she might be really tensed about something. I put two & two together and suddenly felt scared for poor S.

Me: Let us not bother. They will get fed up & leave soon..
N: Hope so..

Suddenly the bell rang. This time terribly long and persistently. We heard somebody trying the door knob & pushing against the door. I thanked my good-karma that we locked it with key.Then there was the sound of key being inserted & turned .. We both looked terrorized at each other.The door would have unlocked now, had it not been for the inside latch. They were pushing hard with all the might from outside.. The thud sound from the door sent shivers up my spine..This must be some maniacs on run...

N screamed out, “Let’s call the security”..She ran to the bedroom windows..I ran to my room to get my mobile in case of emergency.I grabbed it, ran to N’s bedroom & latched the door from inside. I was almost sure they were going to break open the front door anytime. My heart was pounding…We opened the window. From there, we could see the two security guys in the opposite apartment building. We started calling out to them & waving our hands. They looked, but didn’t seem to bother.. I mentally cursed whoever appointed these irresponsible security guards...From our 3rd floor, we saw one guy down..We called out to him about the two guys at our doors.. He looked clearly confused & finally shouted back, “kannada kannada”…Eeekkk..what wrong timings!!!!!!! Luckily the ironing-guy came to check the matter.. We told him our door no: & about the two guys trying to break open our home.

At that time, the land phone started ringing in the living room. What the hell now..Everything was a total pandemonium.Finally, I carefully unlatched the bedroom door & went to attend the call. Suddenly with a final thud the front door came open……………………

S was standing there with a heavy carton. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was supposed to be in big danger.Those nasty-looking guys were supposed to be after her....

Me: are supposed to be in office!!!!!!!!!!
S: Why the hell didn’t you girls’s open the door? My new laptop is getting delivered today. When I came in, those guys were waiting…

I & N were standing speechless. Our faces embarassed & pale after all this mental trauma...

“I tried the keys. But you had latched it from inside. At last I had the security to come and push the door open”

Me & N were on the verge of fainting……..water please……….

PS: She got herself a brand new pink laptop :-)