So it has been exactly 1 month since I shifted to a new accomodation. It is a comfy place 5 minutes away from my office & most importantly near to the so-called-happening place in Bangalore - The Forum .Apart from that, it is the most boring-to-death place you can ever find. I live in that hole all alone.

Before I shifted, I was convinced that I am going to die of loneliness there. How can I survive there ,after having lived in an ear splitting ,high decibel environment of Ladies Hostel.On the first day, I was experiencing a feeling of "suddenly single" .I was convinced I am going to turn into a human island...Three days later, I was relaxing in my room listening to Radio Mirchi and reading my favorite novels. Nobody to disturb the peace. I have the whole room to myself. I can throw my whole stuff around- books,clothes & still get away with it .I can listen to music & dance(secretly of course) all the way around in the privacy of my room.(ya..burning the dance floor)I can lie down in my bed , hearing the rhythm of music, stare at the star studded skies through the window & drift in my flyaway thoughts.This's quite blissful.

Two week later, I was tired of this routine. Suddenly,the silence is deafening.I crave for another human presence.Or should I think of getting married ?? heheee.. I took my cell phone & started calling my friends in the list. Afterwards,I felt slightly better. Within the next 3 days,I have exhausted my whole currency & decided I have had enough.

The whole scenario changed last weekend.Finally a new gal came to my room : a student & a friendly looking gal. Appearances can be deceptive, I warned myself. I was indeed ecstaic, but outwardly kept a straight face. She introduced herself as S . Then she looked at me slyly "Hope you wont be offended by my preferences. I wear minimal clothes". Interesting indeed!!!I refrained myself from commenting.

Some time went by peacefully.I went as usual to my FM world. Then she dropped the next bomb
S: "Do you think there are gals in this PG who flicks stuff??"
me: eh??? not that I know of....
S: I have 3 lakhs bucks with me !!!

I looked passive.Did I mishear?? Then she repeated proudly, "I have 3 lakhs bucks with me". My thoughts were racing. 3 lakhs with a student??hmmm..Finally,I concluded her father must be into smuggling. And why the hell is she telling all this to me. With a sinking feeling, I thought of the consequences lest she loses her bucks. As her sole roommate, all suspicions will be directed at me.I looked at her as if I am hearing the most natural thing in the world, "Better take care of your stuff"

I have been waiting for a roomy all this while & now a smuggler lady has sailed in. I mentally cursed all my karma for this . I decided to ignore her and go my own way before she tries to disclose more about her possessions to me. That night went rather peacefully, while she slept like an angel with the loud, blaring hiphop music ON on her tape recorder.Since I am the kind of gal who continues to sleep, even if a tsunami rages in & swallows up the whole Bangalore, it is not a matter of much thought.

Next morning, by the time I got up, she was all ready to go out. Before she sailed out of the room, she announced , "I just left my ipod nano in your cupboard. Hope you don't mind"
I screamed, "Whaaaaaaaaat??????" But she was already gone.Ayyyo...Now the burden of 3 lakhs ,an iPod & the antics of a minimally dressed devil is on me.

By the time I came back in the evening, she told, "Bad news for you"... My heart skipped many beats.My stomach made a somersault. Then to my utter relief, she muttered "I am leaving the place. I am moving in with a friend"

I simply love being alone. By the way, ever heard of cases where people die of claustrophobia ????


see there is soem good karma somewhere

Good reading material, but i guess it would have been really tough going through this kind of an experience.. Hope the minimally dressed devil didnt steal any thing from ur house..Take care..

ajish said... 10:39 AM  

loneliness is always nice…….but if its too long, it may be boring……in such a time those strange girls are interesting……enjoy ur solitude till u get a good friend ther….

Anonymous said... 5:05 PM  

oh my shocked. v miss u here, shit...why did u hav to leave.

chal...its ok...will catch u every weekend :)

n true...its all karma.never realised my value na ;)


Anonymous said... 4:03 AM  

"Three days later, I was relaxing in my room listening to Radio Mirchi and reading my favorite novels."...I wonder how many 'novels' you actually read simultaneously..:)..never mind...
and dont worry, no matter how strong a tsunami wave is, it would never manage to reach bangalore. you can sleep in peace..that too alone...:)
and i wonder why that girl felt u would be offended by her minimal furthur comments

@ thanu : i'm thankful that good karma came to my rescue :)

@ajith: i felt uncomfortable then, but coming to think of it now it seems funny.. no, she dint flick anything :)

@ajish: ya true.. she brought some spirit to my otherwise boring life.. i'm jumping out of here soon..cant stay here for long.

@maneesha: so i emotionally blackmailed u into meeting me every weekend ..hehee.. ya,never realised ur much is it:))

@abhieshek: hmmm.. you were too sharp to notice that buddy..maybe i do multitasking & read many @ a time :)there'z no tsunami that can hinder my beauty sleep:)

hey....I first read your blog couple of months back...after that I couldn't read your write ups....again going thru your newly published write ups I feel that I should bookmark your blog.

Simple and stylish...Keep writing...

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staying alone is better.. :-) u dont have to care abt anything. u can put ur clothes where ever u want. the newspapers and every other material u deal with follow the same rules.. after all chaos is also a beautiful state ;-)

bt alas, my friend is coming back from onsite this month end!

Anonymous said... 4:58 PM  

ya true...but u knw me.i go mad on weekends wid calls n end up with nightouts n total disappearence.

shall make it fun to b out wid u :)

better realise my value n get enlightened..else Karma might struck u again. " Karma" hmm....good it became a part of ur world of words lik mine.true enlightment.


Anonymous said... 2:01 PM  

neatly written stuff... Solitude is good sometimes. It gives u a chance to introspect...

pretty interesting... i stay with roomies and honestly it has become a wonderful experience for me. Thinking of settling down all alone without any like-minded person to drive some sanity into ur mind is truly unthinkable. And then to end up with one who carries huge chunks of cash and dumps her ipod in ur cupboard for 'safekeeping' is an outrageous thought .. hehe

But then again, sometimes being alone is truly good. Esp, when u come home after a long tiring day at the office and wud like nuthin other than to rest ur splitting head on a comfortable armrest. :-)

@binu: thank you..i feel privileged:) keep dropping in from your maya world

@jithu: kudos to you for telling chaos is a beautiful state. totally agree with you:))
so organise your things before your roomie is back from onsite; or else u may be turned to chaos i guess:)

@maneesha: bad karma was a part of my worlds when you were my roomie..hooho :))

@anon: ya ..once in a while we crave for solitude; to be alone with ourselves & our thoughts

@aths: hmm..safekeeping part really drove me crazy.. so now i'm back in my grove , enjoying peace & solitude :)donno how long it will stay that way

hahahahahaahaa... nice one...
a good and unforgetful experience i suppose...
sweety... sometimes loneliness is good u know??? may be it makes u feel bored or watevr... but it has got its own advantages... nywys u can always welcome ur frnds "like me" to have a good time and get rid of boredom.. right??? ;-)

Anonymous said... 12:09 AM  

update update!!!!!

Anonymous said... 12:10 AM  

thats me..maneesha

update madi!!!

Anonymous said... 12:33 AM  

staying alone is the most beautifull thing..... freedom...freedom....freedom.i,m living in dubai in a three bed room flat all alone....three rooms set in three moods......with my music, bar and books i'm happy than anyone else.
jay jay

@ preeti: hehee thnx.. i think i will call upon ur home any day.. so stock up ur fridge with goodies:)))

@ jay jay: rooms set in different moods sounds really intersting....i never thought abt it.thats cool

Anonymous said... 10:00 AM  

well. after 2 years with roomies.. just shifted back to home.. here.. i have a full room with me.. but still some times miss the company of rooomies :)

all the best 2 you. may u get the best companion.. if solitude is the best.. then let be it!!!

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Landed here while googling something ..
You 've got a nice blog !
added to bookmarks :)

hi, asl , i wanna tell my incident oo

@jayesh: welcome here...

loved this post ........almost burst out laughing :D

nirmal varghese

hang on its not over as yet!!! wat if she comes back saying she missed being with you and your "No Preferences" nature :)

nice one, keep writing....

@nirmal: thnx pal..

@avenger: dont scare me..if that happens, i must say 'it's my karma' all over again:)