Today is my sister's bday. So this post goes out as an exclusive dedication to my chweet sis. Happy Bday Chechiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... Her bday is quite a special one; since she embarked upon this earth on a Thiruvonam day, the most auspicious day celebrated by mallus all over the world.

 So although the date falls on 26th, we used to bash it out on Onam, the day which rejuvenates the nostalgic memories of the warmth of family gettogethers, vibrant colours of pookkalam, ambrosial onasadya, esctatic thrills of a high swinging oonnaal ...(swing)

Until a few years ago, we used to celebrate it in our ancestral home. Our childhood Onams truly captivate the true essence of the occasion.We cousins used to go flower hunting the previous evening in the wilderness of the bountiful courtyard ; in search of those precious golden mukkuttis, teeny-weeny kakkapoos & unblemished thumbakudams(name of flowers).Each one of us will compete to fill our ornate flower baskets. And the next day,amdist all excitement & chaos of a pack of unruly kids, the pookkalam(floral design) will finally be laid out. Then the thrikkakarappan(pyramids made from mud & adorned with rice flour) will be kept at strategic locations to welcome King Mahabali, who according to Kerala traditions,is believed to visit all homes.

Afterwards, we will run off to play, our all time favorites blind man's bluff & kallanum policum.I being the youngest, was usually the unfortunate victim of these unscrupulous:) games. I remember giggling myself away in blindman's bluff & in the process of keeping a straight , innocent face give myself away in kaalanum policum.

By then,we will be all geared up for Onasadya(feast) to tickle all our taste buds with unique bitter, sour, sweet, hot dishes. I am not going to elaborate anything here, since I have this serious grievance of missing Onasadya this time.

I crave to enjoy the thrills of a high riding oonnaal (swing)once more, to reach for the heavenly sky, with wind gushing through my hair & cousins down there quarreling on who has the next turn.

This is the first Onam I am gonna celebrate away from family. And this is the first Onam without my chechi too. I miss youuuu.....Happy Bday...

PS: This post contains a few terms non-comprehensive to non mallus & beyond the author's capability to translate. So please do bear :))


ajish said... 8:27 PM  

first of all convey birthday wishes to your sister......she is the 4th whom i wish today.....other u know them....jithu,rani and our senior ASD........its a great day.....

me too missing the this onam...for the first time in my life... very nostalgic....understand ur feelings.......

happy birthday to your chechi and wishing you good onam days.. hmm.. here i am the only malayali in this hokkaido..

First onam u r missing..Hmm..could be sad..But imagine, I'm missing the third continuous Onam :(( for various reasons.

@ajish: thnx ajish for wishing on the xact date. ha i remember rani has bday on same date..asd??? no clue ..hav a gr8 onam over there!!

@rocksea: dnx..only malayali.huh?maybe u can enlighten the rest of the gang on how 2 celebrate onam.. howzzat?:)

@ajith:3rd onam.. that'z too bad.. but wherever v go, v can alwayz find a few mallus around 2 celebrate no .. mallus r really global :)

i'm missing it as well.
so cheers to an onam away from home - i'm quite used to it anyway. :)

flash news: in a shocking revealation today, the corporate security and code of ethics group declined permission to a group of malayali men who were planning a puli kali performance in the office.
in a seperate press conference, the youth would be held in indiara nagar instead the office.

Wishing a very happy birthday for your sister.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Onam. May this onam bring you happiness, prosperity and success to you all...

Wishing you a wonderful onam, and a happy birthday to your sister.
Onam is really one thing thats not worth missing, the other being the life at home :))

hey happy onam to you too!
it so happens that i'm so sadly stuck in the office till 9.30 pm today. anyway, i'm going to make sure i have a good time here.
it's the spirit that matters, wherever you are, right? that way, this too is going to be a happy onam.
you spread the cheer to, and be good! :)

@toothless wonder:so hope u enjoyed a real looong onam @ office:)))kudos 2 ur undying spirit:)

@alexis leon: thanx a loooot!!!! so i had a wonderful onam & a not-so-wonderful onasadya @ a nearby restaurant :)

@popabhi: thnx..both are truly worth their salt.. latter being ur lucky case:)