I got interested in a brand new hobby. It’s glass painting. This thing really got into my veins, when I chanced upon the beautiful Fevicryl Hobby Kit, all set to deceive the eyes of the beholder. My creative juices at once sprung into action. And there I was toiling through the weekend upon a broken piece of glass, unearthed from the attic , amidst an extended family of cockroaches & spiders.So with much effort , finally I finished my masterpiece horse(???) Though at the end, my clothes looked like the aftermath of a vibrant “ holi” celebration, the ‘masterpiece horse’ I believe can be called a decent creation . So it is now all set to be framed and hung to fame. Now I can’t wait to try out the other Fevicryl Hobby Kits . ha ha… I can hear a heave of sigh escaping from my friends….

 Many hobbies have entered gallantly & gone silently out of my life. At the budding stage, I will plunge head down into it & work till I drop.Gradually the interest will wane & it wont be long before the wonderful hobbies find themselves transferred to the museum, which is the attic in my home.

The ‘ feather collection ’ was introduced into my life , when I was 9. The mania started when me & my childhood buddy Sharon got hold of a couple of feathers of a poor,dead kingfisher. From then on, my evil eyes were always on the poor little birds, wishing it were dead ; so that it’s bright plumage will add another feather to my cap.When you really look out for something, you get it!!! I used to find numerous feathers from the courtyard, paddy fields, inside shrubs & bushes and some were even sneaked out of the bird’s own nest.I even remember chasing the poor ducks, in hope that the startled & alarmed creature will shed a few of it’s feathers , while fleeing for it’s dear life. i am really glad, there were no bird flus to scare me back then. Thus I had a large, unruly ,colourful collection of feathers of sparrows, woodpeckers, parrots, mynahs, bulbuls……etc.

The hobby lasted a long five years, & alas met an untimely ,early demise at the hands of my father . It so happened that, as time passed, insects & silverfish found out that my precious feathers were so tasty & started devouring it. One fine morning , my father found this out and my hardwork of five years flew out of the window, down to the foot of a coconut tree. There it breathed its last silent breath!!! I never forgave my father for this act of cruelty, which shattered my young budding heart!!!

I had many other countless hobbies. I'm sure ,anyone reading this wont last through another dose of my mindless hobbies. So I will blog it another time.



another feather collector. i have a smaller collection at home and yes it is too difficult to preserve it unless you take specific measures.

nice to read through your hobby life. why don't you put a small picture of the glass horse. i wish i cud buy that hobby kit too.

i still stick to my hobbies, esp those of collecting stamps n coins. n letters n like that..

have a nice time

From Sudheer...
thats nice to know..i wrote abt school days some time bak..its my childhood rains..
infact i wanted to rite a series on schooling in kerala..
and bak to ur question..yes we did eat hail :-))

Qn:What do you call a man that doesnt have a hobby?
Ans: Blogger.

Well, that was what i thought. You have proved it otherwise..
Nice one there, and welcome to the club!


Really funny account of how we all take up different hobbies to give them up soon. The only hobbies that have lasted till now for me is reading, writing and listening to music.

i saw some glass paintings in landmark ,forum yesterday.they were very pretty.they have nice paintings in the gallery on the last floor too.keep at the hobby.i have to get back to my painting too:)

@rocksea : great to hear u too have feather fantasies... keep an eye on it & dont let over indulgent dads get hold of it :-)

@sudheer: keep going.enjoyed ur childhood rain stories.

@toothless wonder : thnx..i thought blogging was a hobby & that too an addictive one ;-) Btw,i came across ur blog thru' friend in technopark. guess who?

@ alexis: i too enjoy the passion for reading & writing..i guess "great minds think alike" :-)))

@ maya : do get back to painting .. maybe we 2 can try our hands at forum...haha...am i being over ambitious?


hahah wishing birds to be dead to get a hold of the plumage that was so funny..i saw this post at three in the morning and woke up all the inhabitants.
but on a more serious note,you should post a pic of the glass painting you did.would love to see it.i love oil painting but i don't have a good grasp over it.so going to learn in june hopefully

my grandma collected feathers..infact mayil peeli and told me how she used to hide it in the bible,so the feather wwould give birth to new baby feathers!!!
As for my hobby, my mother tried.. First knitting..gave up when the ball of yarn resembled 'after effects' of an earthquake.
tatting: gave up when the shuttle broke..
crochet:gave up, when i poked my big sister with the needle and missed her eyes by a mm..all weapons of mass destructions were forbidden
do note that i didn't voluntarily gave up any of the hobbies, mother made me!!
So now no hobby..mother gave up on me long ago

thats a good hobby! hows it? eezy? or very diffy?

@maya: awake at 3 & blogging??oh.. i fear u r on verge of blogomania :-) ..i should buy a digi cam soon..then i can easily post pictures.. i never tried oil painting..always thought it'z tough

@immigrant in canada: you did have many life endangering hobbies :-))) thnk god ur mom put a hold on ur hobbies..your sister was saved so was the world:-))))

@q8techdrive: glass painting is quite easy. even naive ones can do it . bcos even if u dont posess artistic skills, u can easily trace over a picture kept under the glass.

Anonymous said... 4:33 PM  


i would say it is a piece of writing that brings nostalgic feelings of childhood

it is very true as my memories of car model collection and city exploration was refreshed

thanks flyaway mind

hobbies are really thrilling,funny and exciting

and that too when u r a kid

u really showed those feelings in ur blog

nice to read such cool blogs

@annonymous: city exploration would have been exciting no..i used to go exploring the river banks near to my home.. plucking water lilies,splashing in water, playing in the wilderness of nearby island...

@ashwin: ya.. kids do have weird hobbies.. i even used to collect curious pebbles & stones...

good luck on ur new venture ashwin. hope to read ur posts soon

oil painting is easy.get to a class for a few pointers and then you'll know how to go abt it :)

Srdjan said... 10:23 PM  

Hello good people !

My name is Srdjan, I’m 33 years old, I live in Serbia (ex Yugoslavia). I adore wild animals, especially birds, and lots of my free time, I spend in the nature watching and learning about them. I don’t have proper place for keeping them, so instead of that I have another obsession, I keep the birds’ feathers. I have collected about 200 different kinds of feathers so far. All of them are classified according to Latin terms, the place and the date when I found them. Europe is poor with these species, so in my opinion it is a success. I didn’t harm any individual in any way. I turn to you in this way, hoping that you can help me to enlarge my collection. I have a lot of literature about birds, so if you do have any promotion material you can send me. I would like to have it in my library collection, or you can send me anything as a cherished souvenir.

I send my greetings to you, and I hope that at least you will send me the answer back.


Sincerely yours,

Srdjan Cuturilov

My address: Cuturilov Srdjan

Zarka Zrenjanina Street No 120

21235 Temerin


hello Srdjan,

it was wonderful hearing from you.. it's nice to learn ,people in other parts of the world too share common intersts. i guess you have a real vast collection of feathers.

as i said in my blog, sadly,i lost my beautiful collection long back. so i may not be of much help to you.during those times, i used to read the book "BOOK OF INDIAN BIRDS" by Salim Ali. it helped me to identify many birds

thank you for dropping in here