For last 1 week I felt like being orphaned. Here is the turn of events that turned me into an abandoned soul.

A week back, I accompanied my friend for his wedding shopping to buy blazers & suits. Two gals accompanying a guy for shopping can turn catastrophic, especially when the gals in question are ‘shopping crazy’ ones, who vanishes when ‘ladies dress section’ is in vicinity. But since this was wedding shopping, we refrained ourselves with much difficulty :-)

The mega shopping started in Marathahalli brand shops . His specification of blazer was a gray one which looks ‘informal’, ‘unique’ & ‘different’. Since we gals didn’t consider ‘gray’ as a colour even worth mentioning, we brainwashed him to go for a cream coloured suit. Now, none of the specifications ‘unique’ & ‘different’ were met in any of the brand giants viz Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Giovanni etc etc. Finally decided to select the engagement shirt first.In between his fiancee called up. Both of them are my friends since college days.

She: Remember, I am wearing orange sari with yellow border. So his shirt should match with
Me: Ok done. How about a bright fluorescent orange shirt then? Heheee....
She: @#$*#@
She: And don’t select any full sleeved shirts. It doesn't suit him.
Me: Ok..i will try to convince him…

As soon as the ‘order from higher authority’ was conveyed to him, he dismissed it as absurd. So we did buy a full sleeved shirt. God save us!!!!

After lunch we proceeded to Bangalore Central. As far as I was concerned, all suits looked alike. They were either black/gray/blue/cream or 2buttoned/3buttoned. After hours of searching, we zeroed in on an ethnic looking smart suit. By this time we gals were really worn out. To rejuvenate our poor tired souls, we decided to go on a shopping spree of our own to ‘ladies section’, while he was left gaping. After having revived ourselves, we decided to search in main Commercial Street too, inorder to widen his options. We went to some 5-6 shops in vain. By this time, we were dead tired & couldn't even take another step ahead. The climax of the story happened when he called up his parents to tell about the ethnic looking informal blazer he has finalized upon. From the other end he got a lecture on ‘proper mallu Christian weddings’ and how you should only wear simple formal suit on the occasion. So that was the end of it. We argued with him but he meekly replied , "I chose the bride on my own; I chose the wedding card on my own; at least I should leave this to my parents.” Thus the shopping saga came to an end.

It was much later while I was returning that I discovered I had misplaced my cell phone. I had left it somewhere while shopping!!!!!!!!!!! Called up to my cell immediately , but it was switched off. That was the anticlimax. I felt sick , more because I was so careless. Hmmm..i was proving myself to be all the adjectives that my Amma sometimes lovingly :-) calls me – ‘careless’ ‘irresponsible’ ‘clumsy’ :-) To get over the feelings of blue, I slept the whole of next day.Felt much better after that. For next one week,I was out of contact with the world and felt orphaned. Finally I got my mother to send me my old Nokia 1100 . So finally no longer am I abandoned :-)


did u ever consider the angle -- some shopkeeper at Marthahalli deliberately 'shop lifting' ur mobile so as to make u 'pay' for all their efforts... :D

just stumbled on ur blog.. very interesting though .. cheers!

"A conclusion is the place where you got tired of THINKING"-Reading your incident i just got informed that the above said is not just my esoterica,but there are other people who has discovered it.....i lost the credit:-((...Anyway chal no use of crying on split milk;-)...Started THINKING of which mobile to buy next?there are plenty of options available in the market.Some got good sound quality but poor camera,some got great cameras but sound is bad,another segment has good VLSI circuits inside them,one more guy who has glossy adds&recognition.But ultimately a cell phone is cell phone,and simply saying

1)Should be small enough to fit into your pocket

2)Should not be too small as if it can get away from your vicinity.

3)Over and above that it should do its duty decently-dialing and receiving calls properly.

Dont expect too much by seeing the adds coz it might disappoint you once you own one.Ahh....too much of 'gyan' -I know a bit boring:-))but still..kidakkatte ente vakayayittu.

Anonymous said... 4:15 AM  

:) shopping shopping...did u ever have to write about it? i only want to hide inside my blanket and sleep when its time for shopping.

for a moment i felt bad for u. but..ahem ahem..:"its all karma". so no pity, attention or pampering for u.

keep writing,,,its truely rocking! eh...maybe coz i know u personally i can relate to every word :)love coming here so keep me visiting

At last I found one more person who use sleep as a stress-buster. I too did the same when I lost my precious NOKIA3310 last year.

NB: thanks for visiting my blog.

@raghav: hmmm..if it was what happened, i would luv to wring the neck of that shopkeeper for all his efforts!!! :D

@hummingbird: thnx for the 'gyaan'. hope i get enlightened enough to buy a worthy one..the search is going on; but conclusion is not happening!!!

@maneesha: ahem ahem..what's this hiding under blanket , Ms.Shopping Maniac??is it also my damned karma that i have to live with an attention seeker from next month onwards??? hohoo...

I am sure that the shopkeeper would not 'love' the neck wringing exercise as much as u would .. so ..

lotsa advise on how to buy a new mob ,but none on how to keep ur present one intact .. hmm .. let me c .. on second thoughts NOPE not gonna give u any.. why would I put my company under undue pressure .. (work at Moto) *grin*

"we gals didn’t consider ‘gray’ as a colour even worth mentioning " -- Thanks for the tip :D

Someone emailed me a stupid story about a girl that asked to be buried with her cellphone.
You girls and your cellphones! :)
On a slightly different note, your template inspired me into some palgiarism -

Reminds me yet again how much of our life is governed by Murphy's Law " If Something can go wrong,It Will.
Good expression in writing anyways.

@raghav: ya true..motorola will be under loss if employees start giving out such useful tips :)

@ajith: hope the tip pays off in future :)

@toothlesswonder: so afterall, it's a STORY...since i have the template patented, u need to pay me royalty.. hahaa..

@mandeep: thanks dude..hmmm..murphy's law comes to play spoilsport at the wrong times :(

@little flower: ya sleep is indeed a stress-buster:) you can think straight without tagging along any emotion-of the-moment after a good night's rest..

What was the gal who was supposed to be married to your friend doing? They would have enjoyed shopping it together for 'their' wedding :)

To rejuvenate our poor tired souls, we decided to go on a shopping spree of our own to ‘ladies section’, while he was left gaping. After having revived ourselves, we decided to search in main Commercial Street too, inorder to widen his options... kudoos

To rejuvenate our poor tired souls, we decided to go on a shopping spree of our own to ‘ladies section’, while he was left gaping. After having revived ourselves, we decided to search in main Commercial Street too, inorder to widen his options....i like that

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

U seem to have taken the mobile loss better than most people would. Only recently, I had the misfortune of being in an unpleasant situation, wherein I lost all my belongings in my tiny black purse, which was stuffed to full with things that are critical to me and those that have significant meaning. I must have cried for days. But thankfully, my mobile was safe. :)

@nariyal chutney: unfortunately she was in kerala & he in bangalore. so we got to mess things up :)

@sunil nair:kudos to you for encouraging the shopping maniacs!!! :D

@biby cletus: thanks buddy

@aths:i got over it after few days. but the most horrible thing was i lost all the contacts.many of them i recovered sending mails...

Ajish said... 2:17 PM  

whn i started reading this post, first thing came to my mind was his wedding photo...he looks nice in his weeding suite... also decided to give u full authority to select one for me in futute :) i think shall i give u a chance to miss one more cell :( ......

@ajish: if i get proper commission(treat),
i am ready for the next wedding hungama :D
btw, we went to their new home & had a great time...

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