Siya and Bow-bow

For the uninitiated, Shreya is my two year old niece. If you ask her name, she will promptly reply Siya. So she is Siya at home.

Siya is crazy about dogs be it the street dogs, pet dogs or her toy dogs. She refer to them as bow-bows. Siya takes her neighbour's Pomeranian dog Golu out for walking. Can you imagine a two year old girl doing it, considering that poor me, her aunt, is a bit scared of this hyperactive canine creature. She is not at all scared, rather she feels very important. She pulls the dog by his belt, bosses him around, and walks bravely along on the road, occasionally stopping for Golu to pee. It's a sight to see because Siya is hardly as big as the dog.

Siya plays a lot of imaginary games. Back home she will take her dad's belt and walk around with an imaginary Golu, talking in her baby language and occasionally shouting " Golu, come hereee", "Golu go there". After a while Siya will be bored and the belt will instantly transform from imaginary dog to an imaginary hose pipe to water the garden plants.. She will go around with the belt watering the imaginary plants and pluck imaginary flowers from her garden.

Hugs to my little sunshine girl !!!!!


siya is blessed to have the dog to play with! i guess they can understand each other better than we think!!

its very nice to hear about such funny & brave kids....

( still i keep distance from dogs after kuttoo's ( pet dog ) attack in S1 S2 sem at saradhy hostel , adoor )

Kids are sooo adorable. Their imagination just has no end. It's cute how they will cuddle with any animal, esp dogs. Cute article!

@rocksea: we say it's in her genes since her dad is equally crazy about bowbows :)

@kuttappan: once bitten , twice shy.. heehe... and yeah, i remember one more such incident from cea

@aths:'s so cute except when she happily pick up snails & insects :)