"Monday morning"... It's one of the most miserable, lethargic & sullen of all mornings for me. My eyes just refuse to open & come out of the cozy comfort of the warm blankets. And a chilly wintry morning like today just add up to my misery. Now I always harboured this secret wish to be a rodent ,so that I can go on a long hibernation . It is at this point when I look around for my roomies for some sort of inspiration . And seeing them curled up in their beds , adds to my conviction that people shouldn't rise early morning & catch a horrible cold . Hah !!

Well, early mornings have never been one of my favorites ; not even during my student life. I always preferred to be the 'Ms. nocturnal', as I was lovingly referred as. When I was a kid , I used to enjoy late night as it presented a golden opportunity to escape parental scrutiny & to do all the naughty things . As an adolescent , it was always my unquenchable thirst to read suspense thrillers , that had me wide awake past midnight , & then later on to scream out in my dreams.

As I grew up & went to hostel , it's always, chatting into the night with my friends . The chats were filled with fun , laughter, sharing, inexhaustible jokes, criticizing teachers(we were really good at that), analyzing situations, killing & assassinating many characters & of course the gossips!!!! This recreation will continue late into the night till our warden come & start a long lecture .Then during exam times, it was impossible . I hardly used to sleep because everything was last minute work . I really believe if it were not for "that last minute" nothing will materialize in this world . So i'll be really burning , fuming & setting aflame the midnight oil and only sleep by 4 am . Then I'll be up by 7 . So to conclude , I rarely got to see the glory of rising sun or be a good girl and hear the "suprabatha" . Now I have started working .When I come back home, sometimes I'll drained out & will be waiting to hit the pillows . But I just cant sleep !!! The habit just sticks to me...

Now don't get me wrong. I have infact enjoyed the beauty of sunrise. This actually happened when I was 8 year old & my family went to Kanyakumari , which is the meeting point of 3 oceans viz, Arabian sea , Indian ocean & Bay of Bengal . Sunrise & sunset seen from the beach there are mesmerizing & really worth it.

In the morning I'll put my alarm half an hour early. So when it starts ringing, I'll wake up to snooze it, with the ecstatic realization that I can continue with my slumber. Then there are those good old weekend mornings, where you can blissfully be in the land of nod as long as you wish. Now I have this buddy , who gets a headache if she exceeds her 8 hour quota. O man!! she doesn't know what she is missing out But if it were not for the existence of the terrible Monday morning blues, my weekend mornings would not have been soooo desirable ...

Thus I finally succeeded in writing my first ever blog !!!!


Sam S Kumar said... 12:27 PM  

monday morning ........ oh yeah very true !!!!! ur blog reminded me more of our college days !!!!!! although late night activities are 'different' for guys ;)Right now things for me have changed as well ...... its just 'late night' TV AND internet chats ...... !!!!!!! and know wat even my parents call me a nocturnal creature and sometimes even wonder if im living along with US timings of my bro !!!!!! ha ha

wow..this comment itself is a tiny blog. now, i brought out the blogger in you..you should appreciate me for this , sam..maybe we can become blog buddies :-) ha ha..

Anonymous said... 7:11 PM  

monday morinin.. great.. reminided me so much of the life now.. dreading every monday.. wakin up every monday with the same phrase.. wish friday would come fast...:-)
great .. way to go....

yeah smrithy, that's exactly the feeling..kudos to friday !!!( & also to all public holidays) :-)

Reena said... 12:56 AM  

dear miss bloggie.....
"Ur nightmares were our nightmares....!!!!!!!! & Ur screams were our Wake Up Calls......!!!!!
Statutory Warning:
Reading thrillers is harmful for your fellow room mates' beauty sleep !!!!

one of those unfortunate sleepless room mates he he ;)

dear reena,
was there any need to make all those events public?? :-( i know you are terribly missing my screamzzz... ho ho :-) and i miss your deafening keetals !!!

Nice blog you have. I always was a morning person so couldn't know the real thrill of sleeping till 9 - 10 AM. In fact, I can sleep after 6AM.Now I wake up at 4.45, have nap from 3 - 6PM and then will go to sleep only at around 1.00AM. So I don't know whether I am morning perseon or a night owl now. Identity crisis :-)

@alexis : hmm..so u r a mix of both.. both a nocturnal & an early bird..

Good One!
Monday....Yawwnnn!! But how life turns by itself? I thought Monday was the worst, but - everyday is repeating for a long time...No sleep whatsoever!