Last weekend I had planned to go shoe hunting. But all my buddies suddenly vanished during the weekend & I didn't want to go alone . It so happened, my last shoe hunting expedition turned out to be an utter failure...

In Bangalore, if you want to go shopping, you have 2 choices. One option is you can go to any shopping mall , those really happening places. If you are a shopping freak or a person with lot of black money looking forward to get rid of some, this is the perfect choice . Or if you are a real diplomat eager to display your negotiation (read bargaining)skills, you can go to those out stretched streets(not to mention those equally outstretched potholes)

Now I belong to the latter category minus the bargaining skills. Last time when we went shopping , we were strolling through the commercial street, window shopping. I think window shopping is a full fledged hobby & entertainment for majority of the Bangloreans. And Bangalore with its colourful streets brimming with youthful spirit & enthusiasm , doesn't disappoint its window shoppers. It was at that time when I saw those cream coloured sandals beckoning me from behind those gleaming glass panes. Now this platform heeled beauty really had me hooked .

So me and my buddies went inside the shop & asked for the price . Now this friendly faced guy gave a wicked smile and told "500/-" My dude was pinching on my arm & whispering the mantra "BARGAIN" . I thought this was a good opportunity to develop some useful skills . And instantaneously my great bargaining instincts uncovered itself " Do you really mean to say 500??? The quality of this stuff is surely not that worth.." blah blah !!! Finally I concluded, "250/- not a pie more ; not a pie less " . Now I really had it in my head that cutting down the price by half was an intelligent bargaining move :-)

Now a weird thing happened . This friendly faced guy is really nodding his head . This cant be happening . I cant believe this . Why did he agree so easily??? . He should at least have put up some fight . Stupid me . If I knew it, I would have told 150 !!!( this explains the fact that human beings are greedy by nature) .Once again , my intuitions have failed me .Now I am in dilemma : to buy or not to. Atlast I made up my mind & bought it . I was really proud of this shoe beauty.

One week passed by , and I was flaunting the sandals wherever I went .Then I noticed something peculiar . The pretty sandal has developed wrinkles on its creamy heels. Oh No.. And with each passing day, the grand platform heels shrank more & more .So did the no: of wrinkles . Though rather sad , I continued wearing it , until that tragic day, when suddenly the shoe straps without any prior warning gave away . To add to my embarrassment, I was on the way to my office & in the middle of road . And the rest became golden chapters in history as I started hopping towards my office.!!!!


Sam S Kumar said... 12:16 PM  

kidilam kidilo kidilam da !!!!!!! good work ........... really liked the way u put up the thing ......... its wonderful ........ hope to read more in future ......... all the best ;)

thnx da sam.. it's really inspiring for me , a first time blogger

Huh Sthallay Kidilam.. aaaruva ithu??? Kollalo... Keet ip pup.....

Reena said... 1:06 AM  

u did it...........
u ve achieved a remarkable place in histiory(which chapter ..?? i 4got)
i m proud of u dear!!!

thnx batchmates( read tom & reena; courtesy:VSSC) dont worry reena..i will include you too in the golden chapters of blog :-)

soumya said... 7:59 PM  

great ronny!!!!but reena take the last one as a treat.urappa parayaaa


but i didnt intend any paras(???).. now you give me ideas :-)

Good one lady...

But u r too young...mere 2 posts old.Keep bloging consistently.Usually enthusiasim lasts only 4 few days.Hope this will not be in ur case.

Keep bloging.....

You write hope u would a gud reader too...

If u would be interrested in poems , there r few by me in my blog.

hope u lik 'em


prerna said... 8:56 AM  

so sweet..........
its a humourous lesson for bargainers.. congratulations....
hoping for more funny articles.....

It seems some class reunion going on :-) Nice story.

oh thats too sad.some of the stuff in commercial street do wear off fast.
i bought some shoes from soles and they have stayed for three years though they were quite expensive...they were worth it.
am looking for a good parlour though to get a hair cut...the last time i went to one place in brigade and she almost made me bald.any suggestions?

@krishna: ya.. i'm a new born in blogosphere.. hope to keep this spirit going.i enjoy sure i will drop in soon

@prerana: hey..thnx yaar.. i thought sastra labs blocked these kinda sites??

@alexis: hee hee.. reunions 'n paaras in full swing !!

@maya : no idea abt salons.i usually do it back home in kerala. maybe , u can blog up a funny post on ur hair cut escapade ;-)

As Alexis has written...Looks like a nice para-college gang out here. Enjoy! Nice post, by the by! Namma Bengalooru has been like this. Even Marathahalli is a bit too much nowadays, unlike wat it used to be couple of years back!

@pophabhi: ya.. "namma bengalooru" is getting worse where shopping is concerned.. marathahalli do have some good factory outlets though..been there shopping for dad

Been thru similiar situations many times....Quote half the price, and the shop keeper is more than eager to close the deal!

Until I learned a new trick...walk out and then the shopkeeper comes back willing to lower prices further!