It was my roommates Bday. This time, contrary to usual, we hadn't equipped ourselves with eggs & tomatoes for the midnight bash. It all started at 12'o clock, with waking up the Bday Babe by bursting balloons right over her ears. She bounced out of her bed, yelling that her eardrums were no longer functional. Then we started singing..err.. howling bday wishes & hogging yummy yummy pastries.

Since eggs & tomatoes were not readily available for adorning the Bday babe, we decided to use whatever was available at hand. This included orange peels, pastries, jam & all sort of crap things. We pounced upon her, generously squeezing orange peels into those wide open , awe stuck eyes & smearing pastries & jam all over. It was big fun , until it started snowballing into a big battle. Yummy yummy pastries were rocketing in the air & gals running helter skelter. Somebody came up with a mug of water for self defense. Needless to say, my sparkling clean room soon transformed into a huge muddy puddle


Bdays used to be memorable times, during my 4 years of engineering. At hostel we were a gang of spunky gals named 'QOOL GALS' (QG)

On one QG's Bday, we decided to decorate her with water colours. Each one of us took turns to paint her up. She made so much fuss that we were forced to tie her up in the chair..hee hee.. We even took snaps. Feels good to recollect all those long lost days

On my bday, I was drowned in heaps of glitter. Glitter had this unique property that , even if you take bath for the next 20 days, half of them will be still sticking to your hair. I was a living joke at college for next 3 weeks with people teasing me "Oh my God.. You still didn't take bath��"

Another time we went to a vegetable vendor to buy rotten tomatoes for the occasion

QG: you have tomatoes??
Vendor: yes mam
QG: Ok... Then get me some rotten ones..
Vendor: NOOOO. I never cheat my customers. I sell only real garden fresh ones here
QG: ????????


sweet post..
txs for visiting my blog

Thats sure sounds like tonnes of fun!
In fact reminded me of all the lovely surprises I have got on my bday!

Anonymous said... 5:02 PM  

That was a nice one dear but you forgot to mention that those pastries were one month old and wer remnants of the previous bday bash :)

@hope & love: thnx.. keep droppin in

@ekta: but it was not so funny when i was at the recieving end :-)) but those events truly made our bdays memorable

@soumya: hee hee.. i didnt want to describe the full picture da, lest people think we were an insane gang of gals

So Ma'm - You are back!!
Great post...Reminded me of the fun we usually have for birthday's!!
Too good.

I guess the last one we celebrated was Dhanush's - hehe...Please see

made me very nostalgic.
u sure had lotttsss of fun!
enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said... 12:31 PM  

Your Bday bolg was just great.

I too miss our Bday hungama's during College days....and now in S/W industry I hardly get time to celebrate with friends.

But...But...But.....that calls for more trouble.....bcoz whenever we meet we all create a mess bcoz we celebrate many Bday's in a single day....guess what people thinks about us when they see 7-8 boys running around....covered in possibly everything...from ink to soya souce.....

its FUN............ Koi lauta de wo COLLEGE KE DIN....

Isint it..........

hahah took me back to my hostel days...aaaaw!i miss that so badly...can u imagine me missing being pelted with tomatoes and eggs...the world just keeps getting funnier by the day.
and i totally totally loved this post :)

@popabhi:it's fun except for the part of cleaning the room & taking midnight bath after all celeb . :-)

and hope dhanush'z still alive after all dat u did :-))

@curious: so Ms. curious got nostalgic.. i'm famous 4 making people nostalgic.. or rather been accused of :-))))

@hardeep: cant imagine the pandemonium if so many celebrations happens together..once it happened dat during one such day, people living downstairs came running up thinking something dangerous happened

@maya cassis: i can imagine dat dear.. i guess, bdays will be all dull 'n boring if it'z all prim 'n proper..imagining u running for dear life with eggs flying behind u.. heheee

ajish antony said... 1:14 PM  

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@ajish: thnx ajish.. of course they are all hungama tales from our CEA