This pottery painting was done some months back, when I went home. It was the time of torrential monsoon showers in Kerala, which made outdoor life miserable and almost nil. Being confined to home, I soon grew bored & decided to lavish my skills on the poor pot :) I found these Mughal paintings printed on some coffee mugs & thought it would be interesting recreate the same on pottery. Below are the 3 different views.


chip designer and an artist !!!
i remember somewhere i read about
chip graffiti ..
can't believe u cud do it so nicely ;)

Anonymous said... 3:54 PM  

had seen it before n i should say " its really good" :)
eh...they dont look like gypsies anymore :P
should have done this in 201 instead of all that laughing elephants, frogs, ants n...god knows wht all !!

n ya, 2 queries:-

1.why did u leave the mouth part of the pot plane?? d brown lazyily left space up der irritates me.ggrrr...

2. where is d mobile alert?? gggrrrrr


Found ur blog thru' orkut.Nice blog.Nicer art work on tht pots!A thumbs up from me!!

@jayesh: chip graffiti sounds real that gives me ideas..hope my company dont throw me out ;))

@maneesha: 'laughing animals' were done to help out( rather compelsively hehee) our 201 friend. mouth part of pot was deliberately left out so that the natural pottery look is retained:) i forgot to immerse the pot in water beforehand this time too ;)

@ps:thanx ps..feels good bcoz it comes from you, a poet,artist & thinker !!!!

Anonymous said... 2:52 PM i feel better to look at the mouth part. interesting point u got.hhmm..

ya right...i always knew my advices and tips will go useless wid u.


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wow!! thats great indeed!! have a great year ahead to u too.. :-)

very nize work !!!

Pretty awesome job bro! I wish I could be as creative !
Peace be

Nice paintings.How did you paint? Oil or some other technique. Look really great and wishing a wonderful 2007 and happy first anniversary of your blogging.

Quit chip designing and go for such beautiful hobbies :) . Great work

"...I found these Mughal paintings printed on some coffee mugs & thought it would be interesting recreate the same on pottery.."
And you named it as 'Potpourri of Colours'(is that the name of your art or just the name of your blog or both??)Whatever it is, your sense of selecting the a name is damn good.
Over and above that you have done a wonderful..i mean really
wonderful Art..

nice pictures :)

No posts for a long time . Too busy with Chip Designing :P

@all: thnx pals

@alexis: it's not oil paint.i used fabric paint to do this.thnx for the wishes

@nariyalchutney: hmmm..kinda busy destructing chips:))

really good painting

wonderful piece of art. arty movies, artistic talents etc etc, conveys an all together different picture about you.

anyways which industry are you working in ? not media for sure, and doesnt look like art either, so just curious to know :)

SO u can paint as well! Interesting!

Too Good! Multiskilled blogger.