January has whizzed past. This has been a month of partying - party at office, party at hostel, and one back home at our residential association..

Now the New Year party at office was a helluva one. Though the invitation revealed nothing explicitly, it soon became an open secret that it was a pub party. It was in Regalis- Cloud 9 at Lavalle Road. Now I always had this curiosity to know what really brews inside a pub. The bouncer thugs guarding the pub & the blaring music have always intensified my curiosity. "Curiosity kills the cat". But, I was not that curious a cat to waste some bucks on such stuffs and quench my curiosity. But this pub was exclusively reserved for our office and hence it turned out to be a pretty decent party with the managers hovering over us (!!). So I guess, I missed the real yo-man-yo dudes & dudettes:) in action . *** sigh*** So, instead ended up seeing the same monotonous faces of my colleagues **sigh** (incase anybody of you are reading, dont kill me..kidding)

The initial feelings on entering the pub were that of partial blindness & deafness imparted by the dazzling light & ear-splitting music. As soon as my sensories regained their functionality, I joined the gang. All around were a bevy of glasses. Now somebody informed me that soft drinks are available.Ok... So after all, I get something to drink. And I really dont know what got into me, when I went and asked the bartender "Can I have juice?" The horrified look on his face said "where the hell did you drop in from?". The moment I really wished the earth would open up and swallow me!!!! Heheee..So I ended up drinking pesticide (sprite), something which I never used to drink these days.

For some time, just stood there drinking pesticide sprite & watching the colleagues on dance floor. This soon proving to be boring. I felt like another brick in the wall. That is when I and a few pals decided to hit the dance floor. Soon we were having a whale of a time. Then out of blue, somebody in an energetic dance move, crash landed the heavy sharp heels onto my toes.Aaah..Instantly, I could feel warm blood sprouting around my toes. I thought, yo man yo ,I dont care and resumed with the activities. After some time, yo man yo didnt feel so cool about it. Toe was hurting. So went out of the room to inspect the poor mashed up toes & got it bandaged

Soon it was time for the most crucial event "dinner". Hogged the dinner & went on to collect the office T-shirts. So as usual, the unlucky me didn't get any small sized t-shirts. Only medium sizes were left, the small ones being grabbed by the early birds. I am just not destined to wear office logo t-shirts. So as usual, my t-shirts will be donated to my fathers collection. Hmmm..My father is getting real trendy these days with all the t-shirts :)

The toes got infected and after a long have healed now. But the poor toe nail still remains a deep bluish-purple. Guess I should get a purple nail polish & paint the remaining nails purple too. That would indeed be a smart way of living with it !!! yo gal yo !!!! :)


Anonymous said... 12:32 PM  

awweeesuummooo!!! ;)

yo man yo..when are v gonna party?one on this weeknd. joinin kya? u wont have to buy tha nail polish. i shall help u in d dance floor with dat. e e e e

lol...lovely post as always. remembered seeing u hopping around when we met d nxt day in forum....lol....

"Now I always had this curiosity to know what really brews inside a pub". Surprised that being in Bangalore you took so much time to quench this curiosity. I would recommed Purple Haze as worth visiting :) but go with a proper footwear next time to save your deep bluish purple toe nail :P

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"Now I always had this curiosity to know what really brews inside a pub" -- actually i've found most of the pubs a waste of time unless u r into heavy metal music.. For a good dinner , a lounge with a calm and serene atmosphere is far far better..And for dancing, Open air parties are better :)
Havent tried purple haze though :)

So YO MAN YO-party turned to
AYYO MAN AYYO-party.condolences YO.

Anonymous said... 2:57 PM  

for the ones who r still curious and wanna try more!

ya purple haze is awesome. but its just a pub and they play rock. so...anyone who wants to hit the dance floor on a weekend..its a bad choice :(

spinn is my fav. awesome place, 2 floored dance floor, decent crowd n lovely ambience. fridays its hip pop night ;) n saturday is electra :(!

never ever go to the country club
:( it sucks big time!

sparks...yo man yo. they play the latest nos. but the crowd...expect anything.

rosh....im sorry for using ur space for this e e e e


@maneesha: this weekend i thought it was film festival..we are going to sivanasamudra..remember!!! hopping in forum..poor me!!!

@nariyal chutney:purple haze sounds interesting. should conspire with our HR to conduct the next party there... and should wear some metal boots next time:))

@ajith: good point..donno about other pubs. but this one actually played all those nasal himesh reshammiya songs!!!dint find much heavy metal kind..and even the ultimate tamil "manmadha raasa":))

@humming bird: it wasn't that disastrous..yo-yo was dominating

@maneesha: you are welcome..hmm..that's some info buddy. are you into promotion work for pubs:))) hahaa..
now i guess, anybody who needs to decide on the choice of pubs can refer right here!!!

yo man yo !! well atleast you didnt get drunk and spoil the "nice gal" image :).

wait till you see ppl swagger and still try to act cool, its hillarious trust me...

glad to know your toe nail has healed. next time make sure its the other person who are running from you....

@avenger: nice gal image??? i tasted vodka.but it tasted TERRIBLE. cant imagine how people drink!!!

ya next time i'm wearing metal boots & make people run away from me