In a place far away from the maddening crowd, set in the tranquil interiors of a quaint little village in Kolar district, enclosed with hills on all sides and dotted with green fields of corn & vegetables.. This is the place where we packed off for an outward bound training program from office. There were no proper roads connecting this place & during the last half an hour of the bumpy, jerky journey , we didn't even come across a single bmtc bus. Muddy tracks led us to the camp where we stayed, in the seemed to be so far away from civilization...

It was a unique experience living in the tent & having campfire dinner every night. In the nights, we had friendly visitors inside our tent in the forms of beetles & centipedes, who found their way inside our cozy blankets for a nap.. Once in the middle of night, it rained very heavily & our tent got almost flooded.Well, but as usual nothing could hinder my beauty sleep.

In the evenings after the training, we were free birds. And the team was out in fields playing football, cricket & volley ball. I tried my hands at playing cricket. The word 'tried playing' will be an understatement, considering the way I excelled. Because the only time my bat hit the ball, it went for a direct catch :( I guess, it's time to start our all girls team :D One evening, a few of us enthusiasts, decided to explore the wild country side. We trekked to a nearby hill. While trekking up, at a high altitude, we were taken up by surprise when we hit upon a plain, which was segmented into cultivated vegetable fields . Yes, a farm right in the middle of the hill, in the middle of nowhere. I guess it is the concept of 'step-farming'. And when we hit the top, the sun had almost set at the horizon.The panoramic view of the fields & hills was breathtaking in the mellowing evening light. Next day,we went for yet another expedition. We conquered another adjacent hill & hoisted our flag there (ok..not flag, but our office logoed cap propped up on a stick).

And the best part of camping was saved up for the last. It was rafting. We had to build our own rafts using bamboo poles, ropes & lifebuoys. Yes, and we built our dilapidated looking Noah's Ark , by tying the bamboo poles together using figure-of-eight-knot & appropriately fitting the lifebuoys to keep the raft afloat. Phew.. So I mastered the art of tying the figure-of-eight-knot so well that, now I can even tie a ferocious bull safely to the pole. So here is our hard work...

And what to say, we rafted in the lake in our Titanic.. No..It was not a tragic Titanic!!!! We the proud sailors rowed hard to reach our destination at the other end of the lake. And in the middle of the lake, the sailors momentarily lost their sense of direction, abandoned their oars & started splashing the muddy water on each other. Thankfully, we had life jackets on & hence I am still alive to write this crap post.

With this ended our three days of frolic & adventure....


Are they looking for database architects at your place?

nice post.

finally u have a proof here for rafting. u gave me the adventure bug now!! :(

Wow!! Wherez the place? It looks just terrific. Had memories of Aluvapuzha?

Went through your posts...skimmed, should be an ideal word...loved em..will take some time out to read them completely...

i like ur writing a real life picture..great work..expecting more in this space...

@toothlesswonder:, but they are on lookout for freelance photographers :D interested?

@rain tree: ha, blame travel bug & adventure bug on poor me..

@pophabhi: this was just a teeny weeny lake compared to aluvapuzha!!!it's 3 hrs drive from bengaluru :)

@mercurian: welcome mercurian :) three cheers CEA!!!

@achooz: thnx dude.. you can expect some crazy flyaway thoughts..

seconding the first comment by toothless wonder .. Ur company is good :D. Btw, did u learn swimming :) ?

tell them i'm up for it, then.

Never knew there were places like this in Karnataka or rather south India . You should check out rafting in Rishikesh in river Ganges from Shivpuri stretch . It is an awesome experince and Brahmaputra stretch in Assam which is the most difficult one in india :). My two cents :)

@ajith: huh?hmm..i can swim in bathtub :D

@toothless: but i dont want to take the risk of getting chucked out :D

@nariyalchutney:it pumps my adrenaline to even think of rishikesh..would love to go there absolutely..u seemed to have had lots of fun..i am J :D

quite an experience isn't it.i sure hope there are many more of such to come !!