It's been terribly long since I have updated this space. Somehow, whenever I tried putting down something, words just stopped at my finger tips. Lots have happened since my last post. The most important being, I got my new roomie M. Well, I mean, a roommate for a lifetime ;) But the sad part is since M is yet to complete his research, we stay apart. So am back to my PG and will continue to write bachelor-life-like stories ;)

This pic was taken by a dear friend B. He had attended the function, clicked lots of pics and surprised us with an album, which he sent by courier. A truly personalised gift which we treasure.. Thanks a ton B !!!


congrats, and wishes for all love and happiness :)

@rocksea: thnx roxy & sarah

belated congrats on ur wedding. wishing speedy completion of M's reasearch :) and i agree that it is indeed a wonderful gift ... this shot itself is beautiful.

Mr. B said... 2:25 PM  

I am so glad you guys liked the album :)
Looking forward to meeting both of you in bangalore next month!

Belated congrats on the wedding! Been ages since you posted, and I've been wondering where you were. But I'm glad you are posting again!!

Keep posting!

@Sandeep: Thanks & we are looking forward to the speedy completion :)

@Mr B: Woaaaa..Didnt see ya :(

@Aths: Thanks.. And hurray I am back!!!!