Siya came from Delhi last month for a short vacation. For the uninitiated, Siya is my little niece. I could hardly wait to see her and Chechi. It had been six months since I last saw her as a 2 year old and hence I was apprehensive about her recognizing her super-duper Chitta (Aunt). All my apprehensions were blown away, when she came tearing towards me and wrapped herself tightly around my legs. It was the most heart melting moment in my life as a Super Aunt.

Siya has grown up and I could hardly wait to show her around Kerala. I wanted to show her the beautiful river flowing near my home and the water birds that dwell on it's banks. I wanted to play with her in the sand in our courtyard and had even bought a beach-kit to frolic in the sand. I wanted to show her the ducks, hens, goats and cows which she never gets to see in Delhi. In fact, I was more excited than her.

At home in Kerala, she refused to come inside the house. She always wanted to go out and play in the sand, gather the nutmegs which had fallen off from the tree, go outside the gate to watch goats or sit inside the car carrying her bag and play "going to shop". And I being the hypocrite Aunt that I am, often refused to come out and play under the sizzling summer heat and get barbecued. Come sunshine or rain, kids don't really care. I preferred playing "doctor-patient" inside the house. Siya has a real stethoscope which she got from my doctor Aunt. Invariably, I am always the poor patient and Siya the Doctor. I will come to Siya to get treated for my sickness varying from fever and cough to 'pain on my little finger'. And how cute is it to see Dr Siya put her stethoscope on my little finger to diagnose my pain. Afterwards, she will apply imaginary ointment on to my little finger and enquire, "Are you okay now?".

Siya liked the beach kit which I bought for her. She dug up the courtyard with the spade, filled sand into her green bucket and marched towards the base of coconut trees to empty the contents there. To summarize, Siya happily dug up her Grandmother's precious garden!

We went to my Father's ancestral house. It was the perfect time to introduce Siya to nature. On the way, we stopped at an acquaintance's house. To my surprise, they had all imaginable domestic animals at their house. They had ducks, hens, goats, cows and even a poor caged parrot. It seemed the world was conspiring to entertain Siya.. Siya was on cloud nine, seeing the quacking ducks wading in the murky waters and the big cow tethered to the pole. She bravely fed the goats with leaves and to her utter delight, they ate right out of her hand. She even stroked the fidgety goats as the lady of the house held them for her. She kept calling out to the parrot, "thathammee thathamme".

As we were traveling, we saw a guy on the pavement selling chickens, some painted yellow, others painted pink. There were over a hundred of them squeaking inside the makeshift fence. We stopped the car and went out to watch them. Siya kept yelling, "Chitta, Touch them..touch them". The guy offered to sell us a dozen chicks for 100 Rs. I was tempted but Amma instantly declined.

We reached Valyamma's house, where my cousin's six year old son was there. Siya and Abhi made great friends, playing bat & ball, racing the car, going to watch the cow and simply holding hands & running around..In fact Siya tortured Abhi pushing him around, pulling out the toy car from his shirt pocket and thrusting wild leaves into it instead. Finally, in an act of immense friendship, she even pulled out her colourful beaded necklace and deposited it around Abhi's neck. Only an innocent two year old can do this.

I wish Siya could remember all these precious moments, when she grows up..But alas, nobody remembers their life when they are just 2 years and 9 months..So here I am recording all those exquisite moments, so that little Siya can cherish them when she grows up.

Hugs to my little sunshine girl!!!!

                                                                                Signing off,


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:-) Siya got a chance to escape to nature that most of the kids miss today. Nice to read about her happiness.

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